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26 Jul 17 Paid

Gondor is complete django hosting provider. They support variety of django technologies in terms of apps such as if you want you can choose south or nashgevas as model change management application for you projects as well as this django celery is available.

Redis for caching is available for several mbs in gondor such as 64mb 128mb or 256mb.

You can chat with gondor community via IRC: #gondor on Freenode

Shared Hosting With shared hosting, you pay per site for the services you need like Django WSGI processes, a PostgreSQL database and a Redis cache. You can choose how many slots each service is to be allocated and they will be distributed on our shared infrastructure.

Dedicated Hosting With dedicated hosting, you pay for the virtual servers and can put multiple sites, instances and services on them. Or you can build a multi-server stack to separate out your services or your development instances from your staging and production.

They do not have support for MySQL

$10 / month / slot
a slot is 1 Django WSGI process or 2.5 GB PostgreSQL database or 64 MB Redis cache or 1 Celery process

Redis Django Celery Caching

  • Disk Space :
  • Disk Protection :
  • Domains : Unlimited
  • Traffic :
  • Python Versions : 2.7.1
  • Django Versions :
  • Databases : PostgreSQL
  • SSH Support : None
  • Email Accounts :
  • Control Panel :
  • OS : Ubuntu 10.04
  • GeoDjango : None
  • Live Chat : None
  • Money Back Guarantee : None
  • Flavors :
  • Dailly Backups : True
  • Payment Available Via :
  • Discount Coupons Available :

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