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free django hosting

hosting company with python django support , alwaysdata admin panel supports many languages.

They are providing 10MB free django hosting account. One of the great feature of alwaysdata hosting is you can switch several python and django versions even development version. Domain control is incredibly easy via admin panel.

Supported databases are MySQL PostgreSQL SQLite

and they recently added MongoDB and CouchDB support those are NoSql databases.

You can access support from via They also have support ticket system in admin panel beside there is active chat channel available in freenode #alwaysdata

Another great thing is automatic backup system, alwaysdata hosting storing your daily backups accessible via ssh and ssh access is free.Daily backups retained for 30 days.

You will have 40MB ram along with 1GB traffic per month with this free plan.

Django Alwaysdata Nosql hosting Shared hosting

  • Disk Space : 10mb
  • Disk Protection :
  • Domains : Unlimited
  • Traffic : 1gb
  • Python Versions : 2.4,2.5,2.6,3.1
  • Django Versions : All
  • Databases :
  • SSH Support : True
  • Email Accounts : Unlimited
  • Control Panel : Custom
  • OS :
  • GeoDjango : False
  • Live Chat : True
  • Money Back Guarantee : None
  • Flavors :
  • Dailly Backups : True
  • Payment Available Via :
  • Discount Coupons Available : Not available

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